Work in racing? Want to be part of an Equine Productions Ltd. film?

We need your help!

We would like you to get involved in Racing Staff Week 2017 and contribute to our video that will be shown on television and at a large number of racecourses throughout the week as well as on this website. We are looking for contributions from stud, stable and racecourse staff. We know that you make racing happen and this short film will help show that to the world.

We’d like you to send us a video of fun or interesting footage from your racing jobs – this could (but doesn’t have to be) a selfie. It could be you with a favourite horse or favourite foal, or perhaps some of the team working together to get a job done. Tell your racing story in your own style!

Videos should be just 3 seconds long and filmed in landscape. Be sure that your employers are happy for you to join in with this initiative and that you are staying safe – please don’t use cameraphones whilst riding out.

You can send your three second videos using WhatsApp to 07547 884742 or email it to

The deadline for receipt of videos is 17th June 2017.